Wednesday, March 1, 2017

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Red Sky at Morning Tuesday edition...

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Red Sky at Morning Tuesdays on The After Show means only one thing, it's Tuesday, and the refraction of light on the horizon portends something is a-brewing.
Tragedy strikes after a mother pleads with a pawn shop owner to not sell another gun to her mentally ill daughter; a parasitic business model thrives on Facebook as vampire webpages suck content from legitimate progressive news sites; and, sources in domestic and foreign spy agencies say the White House is targeting journalists with help from Russian intelligence.
For The Last Half, we visit with Chris Reeves, aka Tmsrvo433, for an update on the Kansas Supreme Court ruling that the state does not properly fund public schools; poor people don’t want health care because the minimum wage was never meant to be “liveable;” and, the Montana Democratic Party selects a true Poet Philosopher Cowboy to run in the Special Election.

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